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I haven't been around much recently, I was very busy preparing for exams and then had to have a small operation the week after. I've got some work to do over the summer break but otherwise I'm fairly free so hope to photograph and/or finish a few artisan craft pieces I have in the works. I should have some new things to upload over the next few weeks.

Sarah :-)
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Well, I decided to briefly check my DeviantArt account on a quick study break to find I had hundreds of feedback messages. Turns out I've been given another Daily Deviation! A big thanks to pen1 for the Photojournalism DD on my photograph of Korean fencer Shin A Lam's sit down protest at the 2012 Olympics.…
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Well, it's 2014 already. I haven't been on here very much recently since I've been working hard studying and have also upped my fencing schedule. I see I've had a few requests to add my work to various groups which I've not got around to responding to. Oops and sorry! I have got a piece of artisan craft work (a faux fur collar) to upload when I've photographed it, and have a new piece of digital art in progress.

That's all for now!


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Well, 2013 is nearly over.  It's been one of the best years I can remember having (certainly in my adult life), an awful lot has happened. This does mean I haven't visited this account very much, but hope I've stayed reasonably on top of things.

Highlights include continuing to get full distinctions on my uni course, discovering a love of fencing (I'm told I'm pretty good ^_^ - I seem to have rather surprised myself), starting to learn to drive and generally meeting lots of amazing people. In regard to art, I drew my first self-portrait since I was primary school age, and also did quite a few photographic portraits of myself (though they aren't on here) and some friends; plus I was awarded a Daily Deviation for the second-year running. But yes, has been good fun and I can't wait to see what happens next year.

I can only hope 2014 is as good.


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Checked my computer this morning to find I'd been awarded my second daily deviation. This time on the blue glass platter I made when I did my glass art course:…

Thanks goes to maytel for featuring it :D. I've also recently reached 100 watchers, another nice milestone. Thanks everyone, It's made my day. :)

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Exams are over, the academic year is finished and summer is at least trying to make an appearance. I have quite a few of art/craft projects I want to get done while I have the free time so expect some new submissions over the next few months (although I'm also trying to learn to drive over the summer, so not entirely free of responsibilities!).

There are also a few bits from my glass course I need to photograph and upload too. At the end of my 15 week course I have decided I like fusing and slumping glass, but hate stained glass/copper foiling. Nonetheless I don't think it's a hobby I'll take up in the long-term.

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I just realised I've had an account on here for 4 years now. Scary stuff! So so much has happened since then; it seems a lifetime ago!

In art related news, I've started a glass art (stained glass, fused glass, kiln formed glass etc) course; though it takes a lot of practise so whether I'll ever have any DeviantArt worthy pieces is as of yet unknown. Currently working on a VERY SIMPLE stained glass butterfly. I just thought it would be nice to do something completely different for a change. Also, learning to fence... but I don't think that results in any art unfortunately, you do get to poke people though :katana:.

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I've had an amazing summer in which I was I was lucky enough to get to see fencing, basketball and hockey at the Olympics aswell as track cycling, athletics and the closing ceremony at the Paralympics. If it wasn't for the fact that I'm so terrible at drawing people I'm sure my gallery would have been filled with London 2012 inspired artwork by now.

Anyhow, all good things come to an end and I'm planning to get a head start on the next academic year in a couple of days time, at which point my participation on this site will be seriously reduced, so response to comments or notes may not be all that snappy.  I have however got a ceramic and metal clay course coming up, so with any luck I should have something to show for that. :-)

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Just a quick update.

I went to see the Fencing at the Olympics last night (women's individual epee semi-finals and finals), which was an amazing experience. I was moved from some cheap seats off to one side into some amazing front-row centre ones. I took a few photographs (although only with my compact camera; didn't want to have to lug my SLR along with me) a couple of which I've uploaded. There was quite a lot of drama going on and a Korean fencer ended up sitting on the piste crying for an hour :-(. From an art angle... rather surreally the Guardian have a made a lego  stop-motion version of events:…

I'm still on my summer holidays at the moment (and currently celebrating after passing all my modules this year with distinctions; and getting 97% on my two examinable components) so I'm trying to learn how to make fabric covered gift boxes as a little side project; expect to see some of those if they come out ok!
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I'm still in a state of amazement over my Daily Deviation (…). It's been 11 days since I was awarded the daily deviation and my photograph of 'Eric the elephant hawk moth' now has 2,177 favourites!

The academic year is now complete and my exams are done until next year. Hopefully I'll have a bit more time for creative stuff over the next few weeks, although the only particular plan I have at the moment is to make some vial pendants (I just ordered the bits I need). I'm going to make a birthday card this afternoon but I don't always get around to posting papercraft type stuff on here. I didn't manage to reply to all the comments I got surrounding the Daily Deviation for which I apologise, even with exams over now I'm not sure where to start with them all.

Sarah :-)
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I woke up this morning to hundreds of messages...

To my astonishment it's turned out I got a Daily Deviation on my portrait of my elephant hawk moth, Eric (who was, last night, released into the wild). I was not expecting this at all, and I'm very grateful to LadyxWinter for suggesting it, to hellfirediva for featuring it and of course to Eric for being such a well-behaved model! It's really made my day! I'm currently getting about 1 favourite or comment every 2 minutes so there's no way I'm going to be able to keep up with everyone (especially as I'm supposed to be revising for an exam), but I really do appreciate it.

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I now have a macro lens for my digital-SLR, or to be more, precise a Tamron 60mm F2.0 Di II 1:1 macro. This means I'll hopefully be getting back into photography a bit more, and it will also allow me to take some more professional-looking pictures of my silver work. I was hoping to go out and take some pictures of flowers and things this weekend, but the weather is really dull and horrible :(.

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I've been working pretty hard on my uni work recently (as evidenced by what I call 'the soil laboratory' that's sitting in my hallway), but that has meant that I'm now quite far ahead of schedule and so I've had a bit of time for art, hooray.

I've not got any projects currently underway, but I have just ordered a created star sapphire cabochon and a silver pendant setting to have a go at setting, so wish me luck there (at least created sapphire is pretty much as close as you can get to indestructible... even if I break the setting the stone will be fine.). I also have a couple of things to upload at some point.

Thanks all the favourites everyone; I haven't had time to reply to most of them; and I'm really behind with my watch list too for which I apologise. I do still try and have a look at galleries of people have added my work to their favourites when I get a chance though! If I want time for actual art, time spent on Deviantart has to be quite fleeting at the moment!
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As of writing this I'm up to 4,950 pageviews, so it's probably not long until I get up to 5,000. No prizes for catching it though! That might not be a lot compared to some people, but I'm still pretty surprised since I've only been here for a couple of years.

I should be getting the first of my books for the next academic year in a couple of weeks and, since I want to get a headstart, you might not hear or see much more from me for a while from then onwards because I'll be too busy writing essays on bowel cancer*

Regards, Sarah

*This is probably not strictly true, I think breast cancer is covered in my more generalised health sciences module next year, but I'm not expecting bowel cancer to come up in a big way. It just became a bit of a running joke during my nutrition module this year since about 75% of assessed work seemed to involve bowel cancer.
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I've almost finished uni work for the summer, silver-prices are a bit high at the moment to do anything too fancy along those lines (I refuse to work with plate metals because they don't have the longevity and its easy to damage the coating while your working on a piece: I'd rather get quality and just restrict quantity), so I've ordered some books from the library and I'm going to try some embroidery instead!

Who knows, maybe I can somehow combine the two and do science related embroidery (I'm studying biology and health sciences)? I don't know when or if I will become preficient enough to produce anything worth displaying here, but watch this space. I know I'd quite like to embroider some stars on a navy blue blouse (or similar) to go with my crescent moon pendant ( but I think that one will be a while off!
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I just bought a load of gemstone beads in a sale, so I've got no excuse not to produce some new deviations! I bought two strands of fossil coral, three strands of tiger-eye quartz, one strand of faceted black agate, one strand of faceted carnelian agate, one strand of blue goldstone and a couple of small packets of swarovski crystals.

Also, at my silver-smithing class I successfully soldered (with a propane blow-torch) and used a piercing saw. More importantly, I managed these tasks without endangering myself or others.
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Well, I'm doing a silversmithing course at night school, before I start the "offical" work for my natural sciences degree. I should be making a simple, crescent moon pendant over the next few weeks.

Next week I'm being taught how to use a piercing saw, and how to solder. Wish me luck. If the finished pendant never turns up on deviantART it probably means I was so appallingly bad at making it I can't bear to show anyone. Apart from stringing a pearl necklace for my Mum, a fairly simple job from a technical point of view, I haven't done much art/craft recently. I sewed some curtain linings today, but that's not terribly artistic as jobs go.
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Haven't been able to be as active on here as I'd like recently! I have a whole bunch of artistic ideas I'd like to try out, including a couple of jewellery designs and some microscope art; but by my standards I seem to have been a little busy of late.

I'm starting a natural sciences degree in the new year and I've been brushing up on my maths skills to get ready for it, plus seeing as my health* seems to have been pretty good recently it's harder to excuse myself time to do things that aren't "useful". Christmas is creeping up fast too.. I normally like to have all my shopping done by the end of November but I can't see myself managing it this year!

*I suffer from M.E. which limits how much activity I can do, and makes me feel pretty rough some of the time.. but somehow since my recent surgery it seems to have improved a little. Not quite sure how having one's top jaw sawn of one's skull and then screwed back again can improve anybody's health other than from a dental point of view (which was my motivation for surgery, seeing as I could barely chew).. but in my case it seems to have! Oh well, I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts.
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It's going to take a while to get back into the swing of things, but I got through my surgery (Le Fort I and bi-sagittal split osteotomies for the medically minded) and I'm now back online!
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Firstly I've gained my 50th watcher a-utopian-dystopia. I should really do something to celebrate but I'm not sure what.. I thought about featuring one deviation from each watcher, but I really don't have the time or energy for that at the moment, for which I truely appologise. Plus I don't have a premium membership so I can't add thumbs to my journal-posts.

Secondly I suggested a fantastic piece of artwork by FamiliarOddlings from the Artisan Crafts gallery (…) and it was accepted as a daily deviation :). Have a look if you haven't seen it allready.

Also two pictures of mine (Beware of the Dandelions and Lunch in Lilliput) have now each reached their 200th favourite, big thanks to everyone who favourited them.


In other news, I'll be going in for some surgery in about 3 weeks, so I may end up dissapearing for a while; so if I don't reply to any notes or comments around that time you know why. Wish me luck! :)
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